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Living in the Northern Virginia suburbs is a challenge. So many of us commute to jobs, work long hours, come home to a list of things that need immediate attention, let alone meals, home responsibilities and activities. By the end of the day all we want to do is watch a few minutes of television, go to sleep and begin the same routine again tomorrow hoping for better emotional returns. Weekends become a time of trying to catch up on the to-do list and sleep (if all goes well). Do this for very long and life begins to feel like a shell of what it was meant to be. We ask ourselves: Is this what life is all about? Is this why I exist in this time and this place?

Most of us want to feel like we have purpose and meaning. On better days, we really do want purposeful connection with others. We want to know people who know our names and with whom we can joke, laugh and share concerns with. We want community.

Covenant Presbyterian Church is such a place. You will hear from people like you who are real and who know that God loves each and every one of us. You will get insight and encouragement on how to better put that love into practice. You will come away with thoughts and prayers to carry you through the hectic week that you will most likely have. If you have kids from nursery to high school, they too will learn also of God’s love for them.

You are always welcome to explore...with no pressure of any kind!